Japanese Woodcuts Summer school

With Chris Daunt

Japanese woodcuts are familiar to many of us through the work of the famous 18th and
19th century masters such as Hokusai and Hiroshige. This technique is quite distinct from
the European tradition of the woodcut, even if there are many shared elements. Typically,
the Japanese woodcut (known as Moku Hanga) is a multi-colour print using water-based
inks or paints and hand printed onto Japanese paper using a traditional baren to apply the
pressure. This results in a print with the soft, watercolour quality seen in the Japanese
woodcut prints we are familiar with. This course will take the student through the whole
process from tracing down the image, cutting to printing using a three colour technique on
Japanese plywood blocks. In preparation for this course it is important to plan in advance
an image in three colours. This preparation could include drawings, paintings, colour
separations and photographs. Information about how to prepare your image will be given in
good time before the course. Chris Daunt was taught the technique of Moku Hanga by
experienced American practitioner Joanne Price.


studied both Fine Art and English Literature and has worked as an
illustrator for over 20 years, using wood engraving as his principle medium. Commissioned
work includes illustrations for The Folio Society, The Times, BBC publications and
numerous other books. Recently he has been making engraving blocks for other artists
such as Angie Lewin, Sue Scullard and Harry Brockway. He teaches regularly. He is an
elected member of The Society of Wood Engravers. Take a look at his website gallery
page to see other examples of wood engraving. http://chrisdaunt.com/gallery


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The Wave - Woodcut
from 100 views of Mount Fuji by Hokusai
Plum Tree - Woodcut by Hiroshige
This course is now completed.
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