Monet Monotypes

Weekend course with Mandy Pattullo

This course is now completed. Below you'll find examples of the work students produced on this course plus
their feedback. We often run courses similar to this one. Just take a look on our main courses page.

Monet's paintings capture the essence of landscapes and gardens through the use of
delicate watery brush strokes and impressionistic mark making. He responded to the
moods of light using varied and effective colour palettes. You can do all this with the
monotype process, using brushes and pieces of card instead of rollers, solvents, wipe
away and viscosity techniques. Since this course is based on an impressionistic view of
the garden you don't need to be able to draw either!
You will produce numerous one-off prints based on your research into Monet's paintings of
Giverny or from photographs of your own or others gardens and flowers. Suitable for
beginners and experienced printmakers who want to push the boundaries of monotype
using a more painterly approach.

The words monotype and monoprint are often mixed up! Monotype means printing from a
smooth surface with no repeatable elements. Monoprint is printing from a plate that has
repeatable marks but the artist chooses to print it in a different way each time.


is an artist who works with textiles, printmaking, photography and
artists books. She trained as a surface pattern designer and as a teacher. She exhibits
widely in the North East and is a professional selected member of Designed and Made. As
well as teaching for CLL she work for ARP Design, for the NHS on an arts project in a
hospital and is involved in community arts.
Examples by Mandy Pattullo
Work produced during the course.
Image credits: Zoe York, Mo Healy, Dawn Green, Judy Otter, Sarah Wigham

Student feedback:

"Really enjoyed the Monet Monotypes"
"This was a great course for learning monotype - very inspiring"
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