Monotypes Gallery

Matisse Monotypes work by course participants
Dynamic Still life prints by course participants
Moods of Landscape - 1-day course with Rebecca Vincent - March 2012
Image credits: Jen Locke, Fiona Lebeau, Penny Pritchard, Alyson Learmouth, Lesley Wood, Janet Walton
Matisse Monotypes - weekend course with Mandy Pattullo - October 2012
Image credits from left: Zoe Hiles, Jo Reed, Dawn Green,
Mary Hughes, Helen Mcrae, Lorna Snape,
David Chaney, Sara Jane Palmer, Barbara Riddick
Dynamic Still Life - weekend course with Mandy Pattullo - July 20122
Image credits: Image credits: Diana Fitzpatrick, Marie Stansby, Helen Richardson and others
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Monet Monotypes - weekend course with Mandy Pattullo - September 2012
Image credits: Zoe York, Mo Healy, Dawn Green, Judy Otter, Sarah Wigham
Abstract Expressionism - one-day monotype course with Rebecca Vincent - June 2012
Image credits: Joan Goddard, Sally Harwood, Jane Young, Janet Moody,Maureen Sunderland, Dawn Green,Juli
Miller, Sarah Miller, Sally Robinson
Monotype Textures (1) - one day course with Rebecca Vincent - Feb 2013
Image credits: Victoria Holland, Carol Nunan, Chris Waites, Lorraine Waites, Marion Williams, Maureen Fackrell, Norma Patterson,
Judy Scott, Miranda Barker
The Embellished Landscape - print and stitch evening class with Mandy Pattullo - Nov 2012
Image credits: Adela MacDonald, Lis Dobbin, Helen Richardson
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