Country Living 5 page feature

Rebecca and her original prints were in the October 2014 issue of Country Living magazine in a stunning 5-page
feature. With lavish professional photographs by Alun Callender and insightful editorial by Rachael Oakden this
piece has had a fantastic response with many people coming to the website and getting in touch about prints and
cards. If you missed it when it was on the shelves, you can read the whole thing online here. View feature.

Update: It's been a year since I appeared in a five-page feature in Country Living magazine. The effect has been
extraordinary, bringing my work to the attention of a national and international audience. Your response and
feedback was amazing! It's been lovely to meet so many of you in my studio and to correspond with those who live
further afield.
Great new reviews and feedback from recent autumn/winter purchases:

There is one thing better than making art for a living... and that is seeing and hearing people
like you respond to it! I've had some wonderful feedback and reviews from recent sales that I
want to share with you. I work away very quietly on my own most of the time and I really enjoy
being creative but when someone loves a piece of art work enough to want to take it home
and live with it, well that brings a deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. Some of my
customers have been kind enough to put their response into words...

A Golden Season (framed etching)
"I just wanted to let you know that A Golden Season arrived this morning.
When I ordered this online I was slightly worried that either a) it would get damaged in transit,
or b) I wouldn't like it as much as I expected to.
I was wrong on both counts!  Not only was it expertly packaged, but the etching itself is
absolutely beautiful and I love it!  It is already hanging on my wall and I keep going back to
have a look at it. The colours are so warm and rich and I love all the different patterns and
textures you have created within the picture.  I love the Northumberland countryside and will
really enjoy having this wonderful reminder of it."
Andrew from West Yorkshire

Jackdaws (mounted giclee print)
"My Grandson loved the Jackdaws. I had it simply framed and it looked superb….you could
feel the wind, lifting the birds...Your work is exciting, profound and beautiful."
Yvonne from London

Meadow Hill (mounted original monotype)
"Fabulous. The best packaging ever! Arrived in perfect condition. Packed so well that it was
not likely to get damaged...even after opening & taking to be framed. Job well done. The
painting is gorgeous! The framers asked me...where do you find this beautiful artwork? ...Will
buy more from this artist."
Pamela from California

A Time of Plenty (framed etching)
"The artwork arrived promptly, very well packaged, and is absolutely beautiful. I had seen
another piece by Rebecca in a gallery, so was confident about the quality of the piece I
ordered. I am very happy."
Julie from Wales

Rift Valley (framed etching)
"Delighted with my picture. I have put it beside another of Rebecca's etchings and they look
superb. Wonderful rich warm colours. Brings pleasure whenever I look at them."
Ros from Hertfordshire

Safely Gathered In (mounted etching)
"My second artwork from Rebecca. I'm hooked. The colours and scenery are beautiful.
Arrived quickly and well packed. Thank you again Rebecca!"
Maria from Australia

A Time of Plenty (framed etching)
I'm so delighted with the etching which Rebecca Vincent created! She was kind enough to
find one which she had already framed, so that I could hang it as soon as it arrived. It came
beautifully packaged and I hung it straight away. Really pleased! Thank you!
Catherine from Surrey
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