Rebecca Vincent's Gallery

These are hand-printed
from a copper plate.
Edition size usually 50
These are unique hand-printed
pictures. They are printed from a
smooth plastic plate in layers of
coloured ink.
Limited Edition Giclee Prints
These are high quality reproduction
prints of Rebecca's original
Greetings Cards
Galleries that exhibit Rebecca's prints.
There are lots of different kinds of print so it can be a little tricky to understand what's meant by a print! It's important to know the difference
between an original print, sometimes called an artist's print, and a reproduction print. Both can be limited edition prints that are signed and
numbered by the artist. Original prints are hand-printed and are intended to be a print from the beginning of the design process. My
etchings and monotypes are original prints. Reproduction prints are machine-made copies of a pre-existing original, usually a painting. My
giclee prints are very high quality reproduction prints with first rate colour matching with the original being a monotype.
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