Rebecca Vincent's Gallery

Born in Lancashire, Rebecca studied Fine Art at Oxford and Newcastle Universities before becoming a professional artist specialising in
printmaking. She is the founder of

Horsley Printmakers

, a

printmaking studio in Northumberland

. Her etchings and monotypes of the


East landscape

have deep, glowing colours and delicate textures. She uses a wide range of hand-printed marks to convey the patterns of
fields, hills and hedgerows. In Rebecca’s hands, the landscape undergoes a stylisation process that clarifies the pattern of fields and
hedgerows into an almost abstract pattern of intersecting shapes. Add in strong colours and a variety of interesting textures and you have
her distinctive landscape style. Rebecca's work is on display in a number of galleries across the UK including The Biscuit Factory in
Newcastle upon Tyne. Follow Rebecca Vincent Artist on Facebook:

These are hand-printed
from a copper plate.
Edition size usually 50
These are unique hand-printed
pictures. They are printed from a
smooth plastic plate in layers of
coloured ink.
Limited Edition Giclee Prints
These are high quality reproduction
prints of Rebecca's original
Greetings Cards
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